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Working together to ensure a safe online environment for all.

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ISC AFRICA Introduction

Our aim is to take responsibility and take action to protect ourselves, our families, our businesses and our country/continent by educating and empowering ourselves.

The campaign theme “Working together to ensure a safe online environment for all” is achieved through INNOVATION, COLLABORATION and TRANSFORMATION.


Create enabling environments for the development of ideas and concepts. We are exploring more innovative and effective means of raising general public awareness and education.


Connect groups of public and private professionals through teamwork. We are building networks of individuals who are committed to working together on activities and events.


Change people’s thinking, consciousness and actions toward internet safety. We are producing resources to inspire and support an improved learning environment for the broader society.

ISC AFRICA Resources

Online resources developed with the support of our partners in ICT


Organisations supporting an African-made campaign that has a global impact.

The increased access to the internet through tablets and cell phones increases the challenge of dealing with cyber safety and cyber bullying therefore the FPB acknowledges the need to partner with various role players in the ICT industry. The FPB has also identified the campaign as the information sharing platform to communicate our mandate with National and International stakeholders.

Yoliswa Makhasi, CEO, Film and Publication Board

Through the child online global protection initiative (COP), IMPACT provides tangible experiences to stakeholders to empower not only professionals working with children but children and youth themselves to ensure safe and responsible interactions and use of ICTs. As part of the campaign in Africa (ISC AFRICA), we are delighted to work together to develop fresh and exciting approaches towards realising COP at a regional and continental level.

Amelia Gowa, Policy Analyst, ITU/IMPACT



International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats
Information Security for Africa
Wireless Access Providers’ Association of South Africa
Film and Publication Board
Silicon Cape
Foundation for Internet Development

ISC AFRICA Participation

If you wish to get involved, please send us your details.

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In support of efforts to increase public awareness and education of Internet Safety in order to reduce cybercrime and loss on our continent.

Our pledge statement on Internet Safety is online at internetsafety.org.za

If you need additional information about campaign activities and events or simply wish to share your ideas and suggestions then send us a message.